Printed Electronics Conference

The printed electronics market is predicted to grow beyond USD 12 billion in 2022. Driving forces are within applications such as IoT, wearables, smart products, healthcare, automotive and many others. Printed electronics reduce production costs and development times through the possibility of large volume and flexible production technologies. Furthermore, printed electronics brings the end-user benefits such as thin form factors, flexibility and stretchability that traditional electronics cannot provide.

Meet the European experts
At this two day conference, you will meet experts and professionals from the printed electronics industry as well as ink providers, hardware manufacturers, academic researchers and end users. Speakers from both industry and research organizations provide the latest market data as well as technology breakthroughs within the printed electronics field. Industrial contributors present application challenges while experts in market analysis present the current state of the market with respect to demand, prices and opportunities.

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Mandag, 29. oktober, 2018 - kl . 09:00 to Tirsdag, 30. oktober, 2018 - kl . 15:00
Danish Technological Institute, Gregersensvej 1, DK-2630 Taastrup

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